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          Children today are difficult to concentrate or pay attention in schools

          What do you think causes this problem?

          What do we need to do to solve this problem?




          Sample Writing:

          Increasing numbers of children are having trouble focusing in school. There may be physical, mental and technological causalities, while effective solutions are in sight.

          causality 因果关系,原因

          Physically, ADHD, which is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children, can lead to shorter attention span. Lack of exercise or sleep can also cause trouble in paying attention on school curriculum. Mentally, parental care is essential to develop close bonds of parent-child relationship without which inattention and lack of focus in early school years may easily occur. Besides, technology overload are also among the reasons that kids have a tough time concentrating today. Too much screen time may distract children from school assignments.

          ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)多动症

          diagnose 诊断

          mental disorder 心理失常

          attention span 注意力时长

          overload 超载

          screen time 屏幕时间(指使用电子设备的时间)

          distract 转移,分散

          Luckily, these problems can be settled by effective solutions. Educational and family interventions are some of the possible methods to deal with ADHD, and the key is to keep an organized environment and structured routines. Together with physical activities and enough sleep time, well defined school and household rules can make the situation much better. Another possible way is to reduce the negative influence of high tech gadgets. Focusing and time management skill should be taught to children, therefore, they would not be caught by multitasks. Set a strict limit on childrens screen time is necessary since the ipad, computer and cell phone all compete with their attention.

          intervention 干预

          gadget 设备

          To conclude, there are plenty of reasons why children are losing focus in school environment, regardless of them, the problems can be successfully addressed by educational methods and restriction of digital distractions.

          address 解决 (v.)




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